Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine Fall/Winter 2008

Early this winter we were invited to participate in Grace Ormonde's call to designers to interpret classic paintings by various artists and convert the imagery into an inspirational table tops. We were thrilled to be included with such great company and even paired up with Sarah and Kristin from AK Event Design on one design. The photo shoot was great fun and we all were keeping our fingers crossed in hopes of one of our submissions being published.

You can imagine how thrilled we were when we found out that both designs were published!
Here are the scans from the magazine on newsstands now!

The first design was based on Alfred Gockel's "Romance in Red".

The romantic shades of red and great movement within the piece provided a great palette for the floral design and linen selection. AK Events then brought in some fantastic black crystals that were interpreted as the silhouettes and dashes of suspended candlelight completed the marvelous table design.

The next submission was based on Claude Monet's "Irises in Monet's Garden"

With such a great color palette and textured groupings, we instantly knew that we would pay homage to the great artist by creating a unique and updated garden inspired centerpiece. Rich raspberries, violets, and pinks would blend into a marveling display. Our favorite flowers (peonies, orchids and of course irises) all showcased the neat textures and a custom linen in a fantastic silk would serve as a luxurious table base. Many thanks to Stephanie Anne for providing such exquisite dinner and glass ware.

So that's that :) We are still stoked about being selected (twice) and hope to participate in future editions. We just had to share :)

Thanks for reading and happy planning!

Team Bella

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landamia said...

Congratulations! The floral designs were absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. I especially love the red floral arrangement suspended from the ceiling. Bella Flora definitely has a great sense of style and uniqueness to its design creations.

Wish you continued sucess.