Friday, June 19, 2009

Play up your tresses!

Want to do something creative with your hairstyle? Try braids! Lauren “LC” Conrad popularized this trend on her reality show “The Hills.” It’s hit the streets of L.A. to the runways and now to weddings. The intricate detail is a lot more chic than a 5-year old’s pigtails. It adds texture, which has been sought-after through ruffles, draping, layering, and fringing. Braiding plays with shadows and light to add dimension to your hairstyle. For those of you that are a little “boho” and free-spirited, braids allow you to relax the typical sleek updo and still look chic and poised for your wedding.


Show off your plush, luxurious locks with a side braid like this one. You can also do a crown braid that reaches from ear to ear like a headband.

Go big or go small – either way the braids will really bring out all your tones and add definition. And if you want to add even more dimension, consider adding highlights- or lowlights!

Jenna Bush loosely joined two side braids with white flowers and let the rest of her hair flow naturally. This soft, relaxed look was perfect for a low-key wedding on her parent’s ranch!

The great thing about braids is its versatility. Use it to update a traditional hairdo or to complete your boho-chic look!

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