Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lights On!

When designing a wedding, you typically think about colors, flowers, theme, lounge furniture, etc. Lighting is most often overlooked. But actually, lighting is one of the key components of a wedding or any event. It can really transform the look of your venue. Check out these pictures of the Garden Room at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel in Downtown Dallas:

Lighting: Lite Dallas. Photography: Don Mamone. Rental: Ducky-Bob's Events Specialist. Floral, Lounge, & Design: Bella Flora of Dallas.

Don't they look like two completely different events?

It's actually the same event, same decorations, same floral, same everything - except the lights! The gold tones on the first picture create a very elegant, luxurious atmosphere. And notice how they complement the yellow floral and brown vases, chairs, and table by staying close on the color wheel. In the second pic, the fuchsia lighting takes a more daring approach. It's definitely trendier and a la mode.

Here’s what the room looks like without the lighting effect. This was set up for a traditional ceremony with white and blush pink hues. Sweet and ultra feminine, the couple took advantage of the white-gray walls and European style ceiling, crystal chandeliers, and the natural light that shone through the glass wall. All together, it created an airy, princess-like atmosphere.

Photography: Vanessa Gavalya. Floral & Design: Bella Flora of Dallas.

It was a simply beautiful wedding – but as you can see, lighting can really affect the ambiance to fit your vision of your dream day!

Team Bella

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