Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A do for "I DO"

Today’s brides have a multitude of veil choices, including the option to not wear a veil at all. Combinations of vintage and modern chic wedding accessories are making a statement in this season’s fashion trends. The infamous, vintage birdcage veil from the 1950s has been making an appearance to add a shabby chic flare to any bridal couture.

Andrea Polito Mann showcased the vintage chic birdcage veil on her wedding day.

Photography by Andrea Polito Photography (

While some brides prefer to accessorize with fresh flowers, feathers, or bold brooches to add a modern, clean look to a simple bun hairstyle. The decision to wear a veil or no veil must revolve around the dress because the accessory of your choice should complement the dress.

Bella Bride- Marci Brice Dodier accessorized with a beautiful white flower to complement her loose tousled bun.

Photography by Thisbe Grace Photography (

For instance, if the dress is more intricate the bride should accessorize with a more traditional accessory such a finger-tip or cathedral veil. If the dress is simple the bride can really go all out and accessorize with more trendy accessories. So have fun with the wedding day accessories but like any accessory it must complement and accent your style.

A sparkling brooch can add elegance and grace to any outfit.

As well as accessories, hairstyles can also add a fashion statement to a bride’s overall look. Wedding day hairstyles have been seen in a variety of ways over the past years revolving around the traditional half-up, half-down, up dos, or loose ringlets to straightened hair.

Bella Bride-Tally Shimoni Goldfarb chose a traditional loose ringlet half-up, half-down hairstyle to complement her elegant lace gown.

Photography by Thisbe Grace Photography (

But this season braids, coils, and messy tousled waves have been seen to add a trendy flare to the wedding day hairstyle.

Bella Bride- Desiree Young Hopper chose to wear her hair in a traditional up do with a white highlight for an additional trendy flare.
Photography by Huy Nguyen with f8 Studio (

Jenna Bush wore a fashionable braid during her wedding nuptials in May.

Photo credit: Associated Press

Photo Credit:
Andrea Polito Photography
Huy Nguyen, f8 Studio
Thisbe Grace Photography
Associated Press

Enjoy the Trends!

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