Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Behind the Scenes with Bella: Concept to Design to Installation

Happy Holidays everyone! With Christmas right around the corner, we thought this would be the perfect time to feature one of our favorite holiday parties and show some behind the scene features in the development of such a grand fete.

The first step is to develop a concept; this year the client chose to go with a "Home for the Holidays" theme for a merry and spirited feel. We then began to research colors, flowers and textures that would embody the feel and allow us to work with some unique seasonal items.

We love texture and decided that rich chocolate and wine velvets, luminous golds, crab apple greens, ilex berry red and fragrant seasonal foliage would all contribute to the theme and add to the overall sensory appeal.

We then began to create renderings of what the centerpieces would look like. With such a traditional theme, we knew we needed a WOW factor to make a memorable impression. We like to create at least three designs for a nice varied look. Here are some renderings of the three designs we came up with.

Low Design

Tall Design

Super Tall Design :) ~ This one is over 8 feet tall!

Once the prototypes were approved and all lighting and linen selections were taken care of, it was time for the installation. One of our favorite venues, The Four Seasons Resort - Las Colinas,
was the location for the party. Here is an image of the ballroom early morning.

Tables were in the form of both squares and circles for a stylish and symmetric look.

Linens were a combination of Bella Flora and Posh Couture Rentals.

As the day progressed, so did the transformation of the room. Shown here is the velvet fabric treatment going up alongside crystal chandeliers from LITE Dallas.

...and the final product with washes of amber encompassing the room along with traditional and classic damask emblems. All the elements really came together beautifully!

The tall centerpiece complete with gorgeous ornaments, antique hydrangea, amaryllis, james story orchids, and ilex berry clusters.

I loved the low centerpieces laden with berries, rosettes, mini apples, amaryllis and fragrant cedar foliage. We then placed the arrangements (designed in mercury glass) atop these charming beveled mirrors for an updated twist on "hotel-mirror" decor.

The super tall centerpiece design in all it's holiday glory :)

The event was a huge success and really captured the spirit of the holidays. While it did take hours and hours of work to create, we couldn't have been more pleased with the end results. We want to thank our awesome clients for being open to creative ideas and the fabulous team of vendors who helped create this magical evening.

Happy Holidays!

Team Bella

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