Friday, January 22, 2010

Just In Time For Spring: Chic Color Combo Pink & Green!

With spring right around the corner, pink and green is a perfect color combination to make a wedding more… Preppy? Natural? Romantic? Whichever way you want to go with your wedding! There are a variety of ways to utilize the pink and green chic color combo!


When you’re going for a modern look, it seems you can really let your creativity flow. Preppy stripes, fresh fruit, a ring bearer’s pillow made of green flowers, and bold flowers you wouldn’t expect in a bride’s bouquet.


Green floral, leaves, grass, and even moss is a growing trend in wedding decor that lets you showcase natural beauty in its most pure form. Using accents of pink is a surprising way to really let the color stand out.


Pink is a common color for those wanting a traditional, romantic wedding and is usually paired with champagne, white, or another soft color – but don’t be scared to add a completely different shade! Green is a perfect combo and won’t take away from the sophisticated look of your day. It adds dimension to your floral arrangements and creates an aesthetic view.

Stay posted for more chic color combos!

Happy Planning!

Team Bella

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Candy and Cake said...

Beautiful! I am loving the cakes!